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Friday, 16 December 2016

Construction Post 5: Shooting our Studio Footage

We began filming our studio footage in the Seward Studio at our school on the week beginning Monday the 21st November. Prior to this shoot we had created a detailed shoot schedule of when we were shooting during the week:
 Our shoot schedule was also colour coded to our different set ups. We have three different lighting and props set ups, white, pink and blue, and we also left room for pick ups and taking promo shots at the end of the week. 

The plan for Monday was to shoot our white set up. At the beginning of the day we began by setting up the lighting, which was easy as all the lights were white, placing the balloons and boxes in the right place in our set up and getting Ella's hair and makeup done.
Our finished white set up.
Here is a clip showing Ella's finished hair and makeup look and Eleanor adjusting her hair during the filming session:

We closely followed our shoot schedule for the Monday which helped us get all the shots we had planned.

Mondays shoot schedule

During shooting it was important to always make sure our shots were focused and we did this on the camera by zooming in and focusing the camera on their eyes.

Eleanor experimented on Monday with the dolly, this was the first time our group had used it and after a while we managed to get a smooth dolly shot around our actors heads:

On Tuesday we shot our blue set up. As we had on Monday we started by setting up our lights, as we had already created our blue lighting set up in our test shoot and saved it to memories on the lighting desk, this was easy to do. We also scattered blue petals as our props and our blue set up was ready to start shooting:

We then helped Ella do her makeup, we used bright blue colours to match the set up:
Ellas hair and makeup
After the success of Mondays shoot, we felt more confident using the dolly during Tuesdays shoot and got a lot of exciting footage using it which can be seen below:

We wrapped up Tuesdays shoot day with some reflections:

Wednesday was the final set up; pink. The pink lighting which we had saved from the test shoot and our pink lollipops made the overall set up for pink look extremely effective as seen below:

We spent a long time on Ellas hair and makeup on this day and the results were very effective, I was pleased with the styling for this set up:

We worked extremely quickly on Wednesday as we were used to using the camera and shotting quickly. Therefore we had more time at the end of the day to experiment with different framing and shots, we came up with some origional ideas as a group and I personally shot some of the extreme close ups used in our video, as seen below:

As our first three shoot days ran so smoothly, after reviewing our footage we had taken so far, we realised we did not need to shoot any pick-ups over these two days. Therefore this time was dedicated to taking our promo shots.

Overall I believe our studio shoot was successful and we managed to get all the shots we had planned and more. 

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